What If? Burning Godzilla vs. Millennium Godzilla

Power Boy has become a big fan of Godzilla even before we had a chance to catch the new movie.

Since we saw Godzilla and the Motu fight on the big screen, we have been thinking about doing a new series called What If? between the massive amount of action figures he has.

We decided the best way to kick this off is to feature a show down with the King of the Monsters.

Burning Godzilla vs. Millennium Godzilla
While these two behemoths may look the same aside from some coloring, there is a major difference between the two.

Burning Godzilla has absorbed too much energy, resulting in the shift of his appearance and his ability and his level of power.

This alone is going to give him the edge over Millennium Godzilla who doesn’t boast any changes to his power.

Do you think the outcome would be any different?

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