What If Pop Figures Coming Soon

The What If series is one of the more intriguing ones.

Funko is banking on it with the release of What If Pop Figures that is sure to have fans searching high and low for them.

One of the more recent Marvel lines that had us excited was Marvel Zombies, we weren’t sure how this one would turn out.

The upcoming lineup is featuring the following.

  • Captain Carter
  • T’Challa Star-Lord
  • 6″ Hydra Stomper
  • Gamora, Daughter of Thanos
  • Doctor Strange Supreme
  • Metallic T’Challa Star-Lord
  • Glow in the Dark Doctor Strange Supreme (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Action Pose Captain Carter (GameStop Exclusive)
  • Unmasked T’Challa Star-Lord (FYE Exclusive)
  • King Killmonger (Target Exclusive)
  • Thor (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Captain Carter Soda with Metallic Chase


For once in a long time, we are pleased the direction Funko too with the selections and designs. They also made good choices when it came to the variants. 

Personally we think the Captain Carter figures are going to fly on the shelves. 

If we had to chose two, it might be the 6″ Hydra Stomper and the Glow in the Dark Doctor Strange Supreme. 


Are you going to pick up any of the What If Pop Figures?

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