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What New Pop Figures Should Funko Make Next?

New Pop Figures

Funko has been busy churning out all kinds of Pop figures from different inspirations, the real question is what’s next?

Ever since the vinyl figures have broken out in popularity, fans have always been eager to see what new Pop Figures Funko is going to churn out.

There have been some pleasant surprised like Flash Gordon or Voltron but sometimes they seem like a stretch.

With some of the reaches by the vinyl collector giant, does it mean the life of Pop figures have run the course?

Doubful, especially for the next few years with the numerous super hero movies coming out.While we will see plenty of figures dedicated to them, it makes us wonder what else Funko can do to bring in a larger crowd.

Honestly this was a hard one to come up with. The company has picked up numerous licenses to from a variety of genres to give pop culture fans what they want.

Personally one of the lines I would like to see Funko expand on with new Pop figures would be the Transformers line. I like the few they have made for the movie line, but it would be nice to see more of those from the 80’s, like Prowl or the original Bumblebee.

Another good area might be in terms of video game characters, like Mario. The models tend to be made for the the video game world. Who would not want to pick upĀ  Bowser or Yoshi figure?

What do you think Funko should come up with in terms of new Pop figures?

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