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What We Want for MK 11 Kombat Pack 2

MK 11 Kombat Pack 2

The arrival of Spawn will mean one thing for Mortal Kombat fans.

Once Spawn graces our screen, there is no denying that we will be curious to see who is coming next for the MK 11 Kombat Pack 2.

Over the years, Mortal Kombat has been hit or miss when it comes to their DLCs. Sometimes they give fans characters they are cravings, other times not so much. 

But what if we had authority about who should be added. We sat down and came up with four characters who should make the Kombat Pack 2.


Remember the Human Torch looking guy in the background from Mortal Kombat ii? That is a guy we would love to see in the newest edition. The only problem at first glance might be his abilities. He seems to be the type who can be over powered if not done correctly. Still we would love to see Neatherealms give it a try.


This is a personal preference of mine. I lost count of how many coins I spent on learning his moveset. Sure he has changed over the years, but a new updated version could spell success. Based on their recent trends, I am not holding my breath for him.


Maybe the rumors for the first Kombat Pack were a swerve? The man with a quick sense of wit and humor could make an impact. Between his boomstick and chainsaw, Netherreailm has plenty to play with. Ash would fit well in the Mortal Kombat world. His intros have the chance to be some of the best in the game. 


We were torn who to go with as another horror icon. Pennywise crossed our minds, even the Leprechaun Then it came to us, Candyman. We thought he would offer enough in the way of variety when it came to attacks. He could be a truly special rush down character if given the right set of abilities. 

Who do you want to see in MK 11 Kombat Pack 2?

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