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Where They Went Wrong With BvS Doomsday

BvS Doomsday

Disappointment from the moment he appeared. 

The movie was supposed to vault DC Comics back into a race with Marvel but found it faltered thanks to the creation of BvS Doomsday. 

If you have already seen why the Snyder Cut is a hard pass for us, you may already have an idea of where we are going. If not, then we will start with the beginning.

There are a issues issues we have with the character.


Some people might take issues with this and say it was rather poor character design We feel the problem resided with the CGI instead. This has been a concerning trend with the DC movies. They either seem to spend less money on CGI or go with the wrong companies.

Either way, Doomsday looked a step below the newest renditions of the TMNT. The Abomination from the Hulk looked better and that is not saying much. The CGI is what led to our next issue with the character.

Wasted Character Development

Doosmday is the one whose epic battle with Superman ended with their death. It was a brutal battle that showed even the god like character had met his match.

The problem with the BvS Doomsday is it felt rushed. It was more of a scene to introduce Wonder Woman into the fold, which should have been done a different way. For the sake of time, they decided to rush the character into the movie and send out him just as quick.

On top of it, Lex Luthor is the one who created him? 

Some have hinted this may be a faux Doomsday and the real one may show up later. However, we hope not as time would be better served working on Darkseid. 

Despite the issues with Doomsday, we had some hope going into the Justice League movie. We think if they had gone a different direction, it would have turned out better. In the end, we hope they can figure out a way to rectify this but don’t see how it will happen.

What did you think of BvS Doomsday?

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