Which Arcade Games Should Become Movies

Not all arcade games should become movies.

Despite this thought, we sat down to see which Arcade Games Should Become Movies and if they would be successful.

We took several factors into play, like movie style, characters, and the ability to capture the attention of the general audience.

Here are a few we thought would make movies worth watching.

Killer Instinct / Sure we have seen Mortal Kombat movies, but the characters in KI have more potential;. Would love to see CGI version of Spinal or Sabrewulf. There is a lot of potential with unique characters.

Luigi’s Mansion / We know Nintendo has a tight grasp on their IP but a movie based on this arcade version could be interesting. We just hope they would go with an animated version and not live action.

Time Pilot / This game has the chance to bring in a wide selection of viewers who want to see someone time traveling via their aircraft.  An interesting take could be focusing on inside of the plane for the majority of the movie. 

Dragon’s Lair / An interesting one based on the premise of the arcade game style. But who would not want to see Dirk the Daring on the big screen saving the princess and slaying the dragon. 


What  Arcade Games Should Become Movies based on your experience?

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