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Will the Marvel Movies Pick Up Where They Left Off?

Marvel Phase 4

The end is in sight means a return to theaters.

You have to wonder if the Marvel Movies can continue their push forward and dominate the box offices.

The success of Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Solider, have shown there are capable of keeping interest in the MCU despite the lack of theater presence.

Black Widow will kick off the return, along with more movies in Phase 4.

There will be new heroes and new villains for the fans to get enamored with. 

We think all of the time off will have helped with any possible super hero fatigue that was setting in.

Another interesting change has been the movie theater release being shortened to 30 days. On the surface it looks like a way to encourage folks back into the theaters but it might be a hard sell.

We will have a better idea once we se how long it takes for the movies to advance toward Disney +.

In the end, we have seen what the Marvel series have played out on Disney+ and we think the ship is still in good hands, They have a plan in place and until otherwise, we have to lean toward their continuing domination into Phase 4.

Do you think the Marvel movies will pick up where they left off or is there going to be some drop off?0

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