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Will the OGL Issues Affect D & D: Honor Among Thieves?

Honor Among Thieves Hopes

OGL was the name of the game in January as some potential changes were coming which causes the DnD World to band together.

If you are not up on the ins and outs of what took place with Wizards of the Coast and the OGL debacle, DnDShorts channel is a great place to catch up.

The suprise against the potential OGL changes went on longer than expected. It showed how much it was going to affect the third party vendors.

Eventually WoTC/Hasbro came back to their senses and walked the changes back, along with sort of setting things in stone for the future.

Perhaps part of the reason was some push back from Paramount Pictures who was distributing it. After all, if the issues with the license was still ongoing, it stands to reason people may not want to see the movie.

When it is all said and done, we feel enough time will have passed for people to be more forgiving. There is a big market out there that has seen a spike in recent years.

If Paramount was smart, a cameo from Critical Role, would do wonders to the ticket sales.

Despite this, we do expect to see some of the earnings to come in under their original predictions.

Do you think the issues with the OGL problems eventually hurt the movie?

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