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Wish list for Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Characters

Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3

The new trailer for the latest fighters for the hit Injustice 2 is less than a week away and we have a list.

With the success of Fighter Pack 1, we are even more excited to see who Ed Boon gives us in the upcoming Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2.

Overall, we thought Fighter Pack 1 was decent. They did a good job making characters fun to use and different fighting styles. We also liked some of the cool gear they came up with. Sub-zero is our favorite and Red Hood is on the bottom in the group.

Ever since the image floated out there for other potential fighters, the net has been ablaze with various rumors. With everything out there, we thought it was time to share our wish list for Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2.


He our list because of his popularity in the Arkham games. He covered for Batman but was a tad more violent which would fight in Injustice 2. Think Red Hood violent but amped up with technology. If the character turns out to be Spawn, we will be just as happy but his suit looks incredible and would be perfect to use in his super move.


Black Manta

This super villain appears to be a lock for one of the final two packs and we are excited to see him. We see him as a more physical character using various attacks with his trident but in a more unique way than Aquaman. The addition of his technology should make fighting with him interesting. Here is to hoping we see his ship, the Manta Ray, in his super move.



The demon prince of Hell rounds out our wish list and he is a long shot. We feel this unique villain would prove to be a fun character to play. We would love to see some of the more unique powers in play. Like a ranged attacked based on the Hellfire power or Necromany where maybe skeleton hands grab the person from under the ground.  Overall, we think he would be a great additional due to his magical and physical abilities.

Who do you wish will be a part of Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2?

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