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Wish List for Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3 Characters

Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3

A sneak trailer dropped this past week and it helped fuel our brainstorm.

Before we could even get to play as Hellboy, Injustice 2 fans are teased with a character from the upcoming Fighter Pack 3.

Sure this may be putting the cart before the horse, but there is a reason behind their madness.

We have had a chance to play around with 2 of the characters from Fighter Pack 2 and have enjoyed them both. Right now, Black Manta takes the top spot out of the group. But there is a chance Hellboy can sneak in there.

Our wishlist  for Fighter Pack 2 were less than stellar, only giving us one of the three characters. This time around are hoping to have more luck with Fighter Pack 3.

The Atom

This one is a gimmie because Ed Boon has already released a sneak trailer of the character in action. On the surface he looks like a fun character but only time will tell. We are definitely glad they decided to go with the ability to shift from micro to giant forms.


This selection is a unique one. While we do not hope she is in the game, more and more we feel like she is going to be in Injustice 2. What we wish for is the character to be playable and to bring something to the game. The last thing we need is a poor representation of her like there was in Suicide Squad.


We missed out on him the second fighter pack, but thanks to Raidan’s ending,we have more support for his appearance. We feel this unique villain would prove to be a fun character to play. We would love to see some of the more unique powers in play. Like a ranged attacked based on the Hellfire power or Necromany where maybe skeleton hands grab the person from under the ground.  Perhaps we will have more luck on the second go around with him.

How do you think should be in Fighter Pack 3?

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