Wizkids Releasing the Expanse Board Game

The expanse board game

Explore a fully colonized Solar System 200 years into the future with this new board game being created by Wizkids.

The hit television show on Sy-Fy is being brought to the table top with the upcoming release of the Expanse board game.

The creators are the same company who has brought you Deadpool Dicemasters and DC Comics Dice Masters.

The game will be for two to four players in a card driven game. The game will focus on politics, intrigue, and conquest similar to Twilight Struggle but will have a shorter play time.

Players will represent Earth’s UN Forces, Mars’ military, the rebels of O.P.A., and the Protegen Inc. corporation.  Each player will have unique abilities which when used right will help them gain an advantage.

The Expanse board game is going to come with the following;

  • Game Board / rules
  • Influence Cubes
  • Fleet tokens
  • Player mats
  • Action Cards
  • Tech Cards
  • Misc Tokens


Wizkids is planning on releasing the game Summer 2017 with an estimated retail of $49.99.

Whether you are a fan of the show or not, would you consider picking up the Expanse board game when it comes out?

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