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Wonder Woman 1984 Takes A Step Back

Wonder Woman 1984

Hope you did not pick up HBO Max just for this movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 takes us on a trip back in time to see Wonder Woman is adjusting to life in the 80’s, something  that did not occur to us. 

Nor did we ask for it. While we don’t think they tried to mirror Thor Ragnorak with it’s vibrant colors, the movie poster does it for us Despite the small comparison, we were excited to see the character grow from the impressive first movie. 

We will limit major spoilers.

On to the the positives of the movie.

We were concerned with the multi villain approach for this movie. While Kristen Wiig appeared to be a major role as Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord is the one to keep an eye on. 

He does a good job with his over the top antics once he appeared. Once you look past the main focus of his attention, you can see how he continues to descend to the point where he borders on losing the most important thing to him. Pascal shows off his acting chops and make Lord an interesting villain who is never physically fights with the Amazonian. 

They brought in a few more things Wonder Woman is remembered for, especially the Lasso of Truth. Though there are a few scenes where it makes us question whether it could really do it, most of the time wields it with power. 

Some of the scenes where Steve Trevor is being introduce to 80’s culture did illicit a few laughs, most of it could have been left on the cutting room floor. 

There are two negatives for this movie.

The first one is the premise of how they bring Steve Trevor back. The underlying of the premise might seem decent at first, but the more we advance through the movie, the worst it seems.  We think they would have been better served to relay the message a different way while leaving Steve Trevor in the past. 

The second one is how Warner Bros uses or doesn’t use their CGI to the same level as other companies. This is an issue we have seen over the years in the DCEU and it rears its head again here.

There is the climatic battle where Cheetah and Wonder Woman fight in the dark of night. Whether it is Cheetah blending into the concrete surfaces or the rest of the environment. Or there was reminders of the Cats movie to seeing Wonder Woman running straight at the camera. 

The problem with this is it brings you out of the movie because it is jarring.

Thanks to PenguinZ0, he gave a heads up about seeing the green screen in the reflection on Kristen Wiig’s glasses. Sure enough, in the early scenes where she dons glasses, you can see the reflection multiple times.

Is this a worse movie than Birds of Prey? Could be a tight race but if you are a fan of Wonder Woman, then take the time to see this when it comes to cable network for free.

Don’t miss out on the post credit scene with the interesting cameo. 

If you had a chance to see Wonder Woman 1984, let us know what you thought.


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