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Wonder Woman Review: Achieved Something Unique

Wonder Woman Review

The Amazonian Princesses hits the big screen but will it be a movie that truly stands out from the rest of the DC Universe.

The latest DC Comics movie hit the big screen and we wanted to share our thoughts with this unique character in our Wonder Woman review.

With how some of the recent DC movies have been hit or miss, there was some concern on what they would do with one of the more iconic heroes. Would they follow the same path with this movie or would they be able to offer us something unique.

Before we start our Wonder Woman review, it is safe as we did not include any spoilers.

There are plenty of good things to say about the movie.

The Wonder Woman character has a solid background and present a strong female in the lead role. At no point during the movie do you think there is nothing she can not do. One of the best scene’s in the movie is No Man’s Land.

The supporting cast in this movie is good, with the exception of a spot here or there. They were great in their roles and brought something unique.

The story is perfect for a one and done movie. Sure there can be sequels but there is no need for this one. We know the powers to be will want to bring in extra cash but could run the risk of weakening the Wonder woman universe.

There are a few negatives with this movie.

For starters, when they switched to the CGI heroes in the fighting scene. It was jolting because it screamed as CGI. We think they may have had a harder time with Wonder Woman since there is more exposed skin as opposed to Captain America or Batman.

The lack luster villain. Sure there was a small swerve but again as the ongoing trend tends to be, the villains takes the back seat to the heroes. We were hoping DC would make some headway here but alas they did not.

Lastly, please stop showing some of the best scenes from the movie in the trailers. You will get out money no matter how little you show.

Overall this movie is a must see even if you are not a fan of DC or super hero movies in general. There is enough there for any causal movie goer to like about it.

Make sure to share your thoughts and your own Wonder Woman review with us.

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