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WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions 2015

Days away from the next big WWE event, we wants to share our Elimination Chamber Predictions. The event is going to feature a few new twists on an old fan favorite. Just a reminder, Power Boy and I are by no means experts and love doing these predictions for the fun of it.

With that being said, on to our Elimination Chamber Predictions.

Neville vs. Bo Dallas A fight between two former stars of NXT,  we will get to see Dallas and Neville square off under the WWE lights. Dallas can be annoying but he does have some decent ring skills. That will not matter much as we expect to see Neville continue his rise with a high flying win.

6 Tag Team Title Match New Day, or as they are called Cheat Day in this household, has to defend their title against five other teams. Some of the opponents are there mainly for window dressing. We think it will come down to either Lucha Dragons or the Prime Time Players. While it would be to see PTP win the belts, the Lucha Dragons are going to jump their way to a championship.

Triple Threat Divas Championship Nikki Bella will have her hands full when she tries to retain her title against Paige and Naomi. Naomi going heel has been a change but we don’t think it is enough. Nikki has held onto the belt for a while and it would be a nice change to see Paige earn the gold.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens The Champion vs Champion match is going to continue showcasing NXT talent by way of Cena. Owens has gotten the best of him in the last two weeks, but things will be different on Sunday in the Elimination Chamber. Owens will find out why Cena has lasted this long in the WWE.

The Intercontinental Championship Six men are vying for the chance to earn the vacated belt. While on the surface this appears to be a free for all, looks can be deceiving Ziggler and Rusev are going to be too busy fighting over Lana to have a real shot at the title, though this promises to be a decent storyline. Bad News Barrett is too wrapped up in being the King and R Truth is just there. That leaves it between Ryback and Sheamus for our Elimination Chamber Predictions. Sheamus’s character arc is going to earn him the belt at the end of the match.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins The to men will meet with the WWE title on the line. The Lunatic Fringe will have his hand full against the Architect and the rest of the Authority. We love the idea of seeing Ambrose as the WWE Champion, even if it is short lived. He is a throwback and has a style that we love. Despite this, he is going to come up short with Rollins retaining the title and to fight another day.

There you have it, our Elimination Chamber Predictions. Let us know what you think and where we probably are wrong.

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