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WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules is a few days away, making this the perfect time to offer up our predictions for each of the matches. Full disclaimer, we are by no way experts on wrestling, only a father and son who want to share their thoughts.

New Day Vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro Shame the Tag Team Title matches keep getting shoved into the kickoff show. This match up has some potential for some quality highlights, especially from the champ. With all of the non-love for New Day, we expect to see the champs reign.

Luke Harper Vs. Dean Ambrose This match is going to be the crowning fight of WWE Extreme Rules. Both men will take it to each other and do whatever they need to do win. Ambrose will come out on top as he sees his losing streak end.

Nikki Bella Vs. Naomi The Diva Championship is on the line. While we would have preferred to see Paige in this spot, it will be nice to see it switch hands to Naomi who can have a serious run as champ.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Sheamus We like the battle between these two but could care less who kisses whose rear. Ziggler is going to come up short this time as Sheamus continues his path down heeldom.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Bad News Barrett We dig the Yes movement and would enjoy seeing Bryan continue his run as champ. The only problem is if a possible injury to the champ. If it is worst than it appears, we can see BnB picking up the title again.

Roman Reigns Vs. The Big Show The feud has been dragging on and we hop to see it end here at WWE Extreme Rules. Reigns will continue to show how he can take a beating and earn the win.

John Cena Vs. Rusev The two have split their last two matches so we can look at this as a final one for them. Cena has done a solid job with his open challenges and while those may not continue, we see him picking up a hard fought win over the Russian tank.

Seth Rollins Vs. Randy Orton The WWE title is on the line and the man who is going to play a role is Kane. We would love to see Kane done the mask again, but in the end he is going to do what is needed for the Authority. Rollins will retain the title.

Let us know what you think about our WWE Exteme Rules predictions and if you have anything different.

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