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WWE Hell In a Cell 2015 Predictions

The WWE universe will be entertained in less than a week with Hell in a Cell 2015 but before then, we wanted to share our predictions on the PPV event.

Just a reminder, by no means are the two of us experts in terms of the WWE but we love trying to figure out the next step in their plans for the WWE fans.

On with the Hell in a Cell 2015 predictions.

Dean Ambrose / Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper / Braun Strowman – This match will take place during the kick-off show which is a shame based on the talent Ambrose has to offer. Harper and Strowman will come away with a win as Ambrose and Orton fail to remain on the same page.

Kevin Owens Vs. Ryback – Ryback gets his rematch with Owens for a shot to earn back his Intercontinental title. The Big Guy should put a decent showing as he attempts this but we do not see Owens losing the belt so soon.

New Day Vs. Dudley Boyz -New Day has been on a roll lately and will be taking on one of the most successful tags teams, the Dudley Boyz. While it would be nice to see the Boyz win, there is no denying the heels place in the WWE. Xavier Woods and his trombone will come to play.

Charlotte Vs. Nikki Bella – Charlotte will be making her Divas title defense during a WWE PPV when she takes on the previous champion, Nikki Bella. Bella has a run with the title but do not expect to see her earn it back any time soon. Time for the new blood.

John Cena Vs. Dolph Ziggler – The mini feud has been increasing between these two stars and will come to a head at Hell in a Cell 2015. Normally we would think this would be an awesome match but with rumors circulating Cena is going to be off in November and December, this is a no brainer. Ziggler will take home the US Championship belt.

Roman Reigns Vs. Bray Wyatt – The growing feud between Reigns and Wyatt will come to a head here as the two go one-on-one. We do not see this ending without a Roman win. If they did saddle him with a loss, it means they have moved on from putting him to the top of the WWE heap. Sad to say, this will not help Bray’s trek.

Brock Lesnar Vs. The Undertaker – The highlight of Hell in a Cell 2015 is without a doubt the match between Lesnar and the Undertaker. This match should be an improvement over the last debacle and while we would like to see the Dead Man taking the win before riding off into the sunset, there is no way WWE is going to let Lesnar lose this one.

Seth Rollins Vs. Kane – This match will hopefully bring an end to one of the weirdest story lines we have seen this year in the WWE. The Demon Kane has decided he wants the gold around his waist and is ready to go through Rollins. Anything but a Rollins wins makes little sense.Oh and we do not expect to see Sheamus sneak in for a title.

Let us know which Hell in a Cell 2015 predictions you agree with or find we are way off base.

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